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Wizard's Brew is an all-natural, plant-based pesticide and fungicide company based out of  Denver, Colorado. We offer safe, non-toxic solutions for pest and fungus control. Each formula is carefully crafted to kill on contact and is safe to use on edible plants, ornamental plants, and smokeable plants.


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Wizard’s Brew Concentrate is on the Colorado Department of Agriculture’s approved list of pesticides for commercial cannabis and hemp farming. Wizard's Brew products fall under the "Minimum Risk Pesticide" exemption as outlined in 40 CFR 152.25(f) and are exempt from registering with the EPA.

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The original founder of Wizard's Brew has recently taken on two new owners and is working hard to send out all of the orders that went unfulfilled during our service outtage. Were you affected by the lapse in service? CONTACT US TODAY or LEARN MORE.