Updated: Jan 22, 2020

Succulents are a popular staple in many offices, interior plant scapes, and outdoor landscapes. Learn more about the pests that plague your favorite ornamental (and how to kill them)!

Succulent Succulents

Succulents bring life and interest into any room or landscape. They are the quintessential photography prop for trendy social feeds, they are the perfect starter plant for novice gardeners, and succulent gardens make a perfect gift for any occasion. While these hearty plants require little maintenance and are pretty darn hard to kill, they still fall prey to some of the most voracious plant predators on the planet. So if you’re wondering what to do after you brought home a succulent with pests crawling in the branches and soil,

Step 1. Identify your enemy. Learn everything you can to destroy them.

The most common pests for succulents:

Browse our pest gallery to learn how to identify your infestation, then click the image to get an in-depth look at the biology and reproductive behavior of each of these scourges of succulents.










Other pests include: Scale Insects, Whiteflies, and Ants!

Step 2: Use Wizard’s Brew All-Natural Pesticide & Fungicide.

Fortunately for succulent lovers (and the environment), we introduce an all-natural pesticide that completely eradicates colonies of these plant predators on contact.

Our unique formulas kill pests and fungi via asphyxiation, poison, and/or reproductive harm. Wizard’s Brew performs its magic using organic, steam-distilled essential oils like Lemongrass Oil, Cedarwood Oil, Castor Oil, Rosemary Oil, Cinnamon Oil, and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (derived from plants).

STEP 3: Take a Deep Breath and Relax.

Wizard’s Brew’s powerful all-natural products smell great, kill on pests and mold on contact, and are safe to use around pets and children!

Our Recommendations:

Wizard’s Brew 4 oz bottles are the perfect size for succulent growers! Each bottle of concentrate makes 1-3 Gallons of our powerful, all-natural pesticide.

Foliar Spray: For Infestations on foliage and flowers.

Use a clean sprayer to ensure even coverage.


Root Drench: For Infestations in the root zone.

Use in place of feeding.


Do not use Wizard’s Brew at the same time as other nutrients or pesticides.

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